The Territory

A true tradition is not the testimony of a past, but a living force that animates and informs the present. (Ígor Stravinskij)

A gastronomic experience through the centuries

Galeone D’Oro and the city of Castelfranco share and unbreakable bond. A city of art, culture and rich tradition. It’s the very love for that tradition that 25 years ago drove Loris and Stefania to start their gastronomic endeavor.

Their goal was clear: explore the local history starting from the dining table. Ingredients, recipes and the very cooking techniques are passed from generation to generation.

A cultural heritage made of tastes, scents and memories. A proof that food is always a journey that takes us through old paths and helps us set new ones. Galeone D’Oro is a crossroad between the past and the present.

The wisdom of our roots and the modern creativity meet in every dish.


A walk inside the walls

he walls of Castelfranco Veneto – a city standing on the Muson creek – have been watching over the old south-western border of the Province of Treviso. It’s a walk amongst medieval towers, the canvases of Giorgione, ancient buildings once home of the posh and beautiful Renaissance churches. Castelfranco’s artistic heritage is to this day its heart and soul.

Piazza Giorgione is the pulsing core of the city, surrounded by the public gardens and the lovely Dante’s walk. The old “Hosteria della Spada”, embedded in Palazzo Piacentini – built in the XVI century – can be found in one of the corners of the square. This important building has given hospitality to countless merchants and foreigners. A few feet across the street are Loggia Paveion, Palazzi Pulcheri Favero and Soranzo Novello. 

But the true bell of the ball is still the Castle, wanted and built by the city of Treviso between the XII and the XIII century. A perimeter of 900 square meters, with its eight towers (almost all of them and can still be seen today): a lasting mark of the Medieval conflicts between the nearby cities and feudal powers. This suggestive frame and attractive tourists destination makes the city an historic memento whence to discover the beauty of this region.

All of this makes Castelfranco Veneto one of the brightest jewels in the crown of the Province of Treviso.

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