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The story of Galeone D’Oro starts back in 1994 when it was just an idea in Loris and Stefania’s minds.  Their vision was a restaurant able to tell about Treviso and its rich territory, where the past and the present meet in a tasteful blend. Their proposal was a cuisine traditional and yet experimental and innovative.

After almost 25 years of business, today Galeone D’Oro sets the bar when it comes to Venetian restoration. A two-story facility with a lovely patio overlooking the old town, Galeone D’Oro is able to accommodate over 500 customers and has become an integral part of the city of Castelfranco Veneto. A restaurant with its roots reaching deep into the city’s history and culture, always feeding off the wisdom of the past and serving it to its customers in exquisite ways.

Galeone D’Oro’s cuisine is a tasteful clash between regionality and innovation, a path to rediscover local dishes mixing tradition and experimentalism. Its menu sports a variety of over 100 different and unique pizzas. A proper culinary selection able to meet the most demanding taste buds, with a wide range of dishes spacing from main courses to pizzas, meat as well as fish specialties and salads… designation of origin and quality of the ingredients are of paramount importance at Galeone D’Oro. The secret ingredient: our love for the territory.

Beside the rich menu, Galeone D’Oro prouds itself on a huge wine selection from its brand new wine cellar. There you’ll find the finest bottles directly from the most famous cellars of Treviso and its surrounding area. Always picking the right wine to go with the right dish is of no concern. 

The cozy environment paired with the modern and tasteful design give Galeone D’Oro a casual yet sophisticated vibe. A place where sitting down to enjoy a dish becomes a gastronomic experience, a journey through tastes from the tradition to share with family, friends and colleagues. The right corner for the right occasion.

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